• MSNBC: Toting the casualties of war — When Gulf War deaths didn’t add up, U.S. official was fired

    Read this story if you can take the time as it is likely one of the most telling stories I have linked to in the last few weeks. It tells how that Dick Cheney back in his days as Defense Secretary had a government researcher fired for releasing the true numbers on civilian casulties during the Gulf War of ’91, and how she got her job back through the courts (with the help of the ACLU).

    BTW, here are the true numbers that caused the researcher to get fired…

      13,000 civilians were killed directly by American and allied forces, and about 70,000 civilians died subsequently from war-related damage to medical facilities and supplies, the electric power grid, and the water system, she calculated.

      In all, 40,000 Iraqi soldiers were killed in the conflict, she concluded, putting total Iraqi losses from the war and its aftermath at 158,000, including 86,194 men, 39,612 women, and 32,195 children.

    If 158,000 died during the ’91 Gulf War, I would suspect that at least that many or more will due during the fast approaching war of ’03. To put that in perspective, that is the equivilent of 25 times the carnage of September 11th.

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