From a recent Simpsons episode: “I don’t believe in anything anymore! I’m going to law school!”

    So says a recent post by Waddling Thunder (which I discoved by way of, an attorney-bloggist in Philly who grew up in Muskogee, OK which is neither here nor there but interesting nonetheless.

    Anyway, though reading the post, I get the impression that W.T. (don’t know the name of the author of Wadding Thunder, so I’ll call him/her W.T.) thinks that being a lawyer = being a good capitalist. Here’s one quote I found interesting along those lines…

      However difficult work at big law firms might be, it is inconsistent with believing in capitalism to think that the work itself is immoral. In fact, if you believe that business, and enterprise, and wealth are good things, then helping to faciliate deals is itself moral. What’s wrong with fighting a suit between two giant companies? What are they supposed to do instead? Hire private armies and duke it out? If you don’t believe in capital and markets, that’s another thing entirely. Attack what lawyers do all you want. But I just don’t understand people who merrily take advantage of the great wealth that economic liberty has brought us, and then condemn the way it happens. On a theoretical level, I’ll be proud to work for big business; it’s done us a lot of good.

    No offense to W.T. (who generally writes a blog worth reading), but I don’t believe in the Free Market system. (I don’t believe in Industrialized socialism either though, and would argue that the USA and the USSR both have, or rather had in the USSR’s case, failed economic systems that were exploitative and a disservice to freedom.)

    I won’t work for a big firm doing corporate law no matter what they pay me. (and if I compromise on this in the future, please somebody out there shoot me first)

    America desperately needs lawyers. Good lawyers who will stand up for the little guys. The rich have too many lawyers. It’s the little guy that needs help, and boy are there a lot of folks who need the posse in the white hats to come to their rescue: indigent criminal defendants, illegal imigrants, anyone of color in Ashcroft’s America, Wal-mart employees who are harrassed from unionizing, people who are being ripped off by usurous interest rates . . . that’s only the beginning.

    If you are a law student, I think it is critical that you decide what kind of lawyer you want to be….not what speciality of law you want to do, but what kind of lawyer you will be? Will you be in it for the money, a hired gun for the highest bidder, who doesn’t give a rat’s *** about anyone but him/herself and the pursuit of the almighty dollar?

    Or, will you be a lawyer for those who need an advocate?

    If you’re in the first group, then good riddance to you. No offense, but I hope you flunk out because the world has too many of your kind already.

    If you’re in the later group, have courage! It’s time that we battle the cynicism and bitterness that seems to be infecting many (but thankfully not all) of the 2L’s and 3L’s that we all know, and remember why we are doing this L-school thing in the first place!

    Ok, I’ll get off my soapbox now.