The “Feud” continues

    That what GreenGourd has dubbed the recent exchange of posts between myself and Waddling Thunder. It has been fun to say the least (especially to get the boost in traffic… sheesh W.T. must get a ton of traffic based on how many hits I’m getting from that blog. The truth is out I’m really a just a linkslut who often links to folks to fish for links from them.)

    But, now another has joined the fray. . . Jeremy Blachman, a Harvard Law student. (I feel so priviliged, get blogged by the Ivy League and all 😉

    Jeremy makes some good points, discussing the tension between the idea that defending bad people or bad causes is morally questionable, while at the same balancing the moral good of allowing everyone a day in court, even the bad guys.

    Well I gotta do some thinking on this and also W.T.’s latest response. I’ll post some thoughts later.