• Due to busy-ness I haven’t followed the news much this weekend, but this evening stumbled across this story on MSNBC: Anti-war protests extend to 2nd day

    Listen to this!

      Tens of thousands of people thronged the streets of Sydney and other Australian cities on Sunday, beginning a second day of global marches against a possible U.S. war on Iraq. In a massive wave of demonstrations not seen since the Vietnam War, more than six million peace protesters took to the streets in towns and cities from Cape Town to Chicago on Saturday.

    This means that over the weekend, a combined number of between 10 and 20 million people protested the coming war in Iraq.

    I don’t think Bush and Blair have any idea how much the people of the world question this war. Call me a pessimist but if the B&B team refuse to listen to this, then there is little hope left (except in God… at this point, I think divine intervention will be the only way to stop the slaughters of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi people.).