Peace and War:

  • Anti-war actions over the weekend in Austin were a tremendous success with an estimated 7,000- 10,000 marching down Congress Avenue

    and 3,000 students and faculty at the University of Texas in Austin participating in an unpermitted class walk-out.

    (Sigh… this picture brings back fond memories. I used to live about 250 directly south of the statute of George Washington that you can see in this picture.)

    It is so good to see Austin finally waking up!

  • MSNBC/Newsweek: A Great Divide — Europe and America are largely split over whether a war to change the regime in Iraq is now justified. But the divisions go much deeper than that—to differing perceptions of history and politics, power and God – An interesting and insightful story.
  • KFOR: French fries off the menu at North Carolina restaurant

    At first glance, this story looks like a silly publicity stunt but on further thought it really, really upsets me.

    Neal Rowland, the owner of Cubbies is a xenophobic moron. The prejudice that America showed to German-Americans (especially to the pacifist Mennonites who wouldn’t fight for anybody) was shameful. It is pathetic that Rowland was inspired by such a thing. I encourage him (and any like minded folks) to re-read their history books a little more, especially to what happened all across America to German-Americans and others who were suspected of disloyalty.

    For example in Oklahoma during the “Great War” there were many German-American towns that decided to change their names so as to not be considered “German” (from Korn to Corn for example), and Mennonites were forbidden by law to speak their native language or to publish their German language newspapers.

    Also, there was little toleration for Pacifists in general, especially those of an non-conformist nature. In my own ancestral religious tradition (the Churches of Christ), several hundred members were sent to prison for the duration of the war because they refused to fight and their C.O. claims were denied since the Churches of Christ are autonomous congregations that do not have a stated creed besides the Bible. There was also a college affiliated with the Churches of Christ, Cordell Christian College in Cordell, OK which was shut down because their professors refused to encourage the students to fight in the war.

    Let’s hope that Mr. Rowland’s ignorance of the past isn’t infectious.