Things have been a bit out of sorts for me the last few days which is why I haven’t been posting new stuff. Hopefully will get back into the rhythm of things next week.

    Two minor things have come up which stink…

    First, I made a fool of myself in Contracts this week. It wasn’t the first time I’ve looked stupid in class (nor will it be the last), but I still hate it. I gotta get my self geared up to be more diligent about preparing for class.

    Secondly, my forgotten wisdom tooth has decided to act up on me and it looks like I may have to get it yanked pronto. Not looking forward to that at all but I’m beginning to think that oral surgery is preferable to oral pain.

    This weekend things should be looking up though. Tomorrow we are having our monthly meeting of the state Exec committee for the Oklahoma Green Party which I get to host. Since my place of abode is cramped and messy, we’re having our “social” time at Carlito’s Cafe in Newcastle (one of the best Mexican restaurants in Oklahoma) and then we’ll have the business meeting at the church building.

    Then Sunday I get to preach which I’m looking forward to, mostly because I’m preaching out of II Corinthians which is an incredible book. (I forgot how much good stuff is in there… of course there’s some whack stuff too but that’s just my anti-paul bias coming out… I really am getting to like Paul better the more I read II Corinthians.)

    Oh one more thing, if you’re a peacelover in OKC, we’re having another Spiritual Walk for Peace. Meet at the corner of N. 7th and Robinson at 2 p.m. on Sunday. You’re welcome to bring a protest sign as long as it’s are not hateful/negative. If you come look for me and my friend Fabricio (an old friend who goes to my church. He is a Brazilian student at Okla. City Community College.)