I received this today from Nickel Creek’s fan newsletter. Very, very cool news!

      Dear Friends and Fans,

      We’re thrilled to be spreading the news! Nickel Creek won a Grammy last night! Their new album, This Side, was named Best Contemporary Folk Album. They also had a nomination for the instrumental on that album, The Smoothie Song. It was nominated for “Best Country Instrumental”. The Dixie Chicks won in that category, and we’re proud to say that Chris played the mandolin on that track, too!

      Noting that the band has been playing together for 13 years, CMT\’s website quoted Sara’s reaction: “To get to be here together, to get to share this with the people you’ve grown so much with…it’s really, really special.”

      Indeed it is!

      On March 1st, CMT’s “Most Wanted Live” will debut the band\’s new video, “Speak”, so be sure and check that out!

      Stop by the website for more news and multimedia features!

      Thanks for all your support!

      Kathy (for Nickel Creek)