Goodbye Mister Rogers

    I can’t believe he is gone. In my childhood, he was probably one of the biggest of figures besides family. Maybe I’m being over reminicent but I do think he shaped to a large extent my personality and my internal sense of right and wrong.

    As a kid (this will sound corny I know) but my favorite part of the show was the opening sequence where the camera zoomed in over an intricate scale model of “The Neighborhood,” almost like you’re driving to his house. Then from there the rest of the show was like talking to an old friend, his voice so calming and so reassuring. He is the kind of grownup that every kid (or at least I) wanted grownups to be like, not afraid to be a grownup but also not afraid to talk to a kid and show them love.

    I for one will miss Mister Rogers very much. What little that is good about TV is to large extent because of him (especially the very existence of public television). I shudder to think of how much worse television would be today if it weren’t for his kind and gentle presence (if only more genuine Christians how ventured into the mass media in its earlier days, what a better world this might have been).

    Here are some stories that tell about his life…

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