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      Blake @ 12:48AM | March 3rd 2003|

      Here’s the deal, I totally dug hearing about your dawn to dusk protest… that sounds really cool. I bet it was somewhat hard to keep dedicated when there wasn’t a HUGE crowd, lots of enthusiasm, etc. but I bet you have a lot of good memories from it. I am not pro-war or anti-war… I don’t claim to have enough knowledge to know what is the “right” thing to do.

      The only thing that does bother me slightly about your article, is how you switched around subjects so much, and eventually ended up ending in what my opinion was a good narritive about your protest, with a wishy-washy viewpoint of homosexuality. Haha, but its your blog, and I love the randomness.

      Darren @ 12:48AM |

      Here’s the deal: IT IS POSSIBLE TO HATE THE SIN AND LOVE THE SINNER…. you know how I know… I know because Jesus did it.

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      Charles @ 12:56AM |

      I believe that every person is an individual.

      And that anyone who claims that either:

      A. all homosexuals can’t “help being homosexual” and that they were “born with it,”


      B. That all homosexuals are in affect “fake it” and could stop being gay easily

      are either arrogant, inconsiderate, immature, or just plain dumb.

      I believe some people do simply chose to be gay, others are born with strange tendencies, and still others (I’d say the vast majority) while not born with tendences, simply end up in circumstances (child abuse, loniness, perversion, mental issues, fear, etc) that lead them to a mental state/physical state that makes them at the very least feel as though they have to be gay, are gay, always have been, always will be… and just because something is “in someone’s head” doesn’t mean its no just as real… if you think mental issues aren’t important, just ask someone who is depressed, lonley, mentally insane or just stupid, and you’ll see that things in one’s head can be just as important as physical stuff, and things you go through can be just as important as what you are born with. Nature vs. Nurture… both are very important.

      seriously dumb @ 12:58AM |

      anyone who thinks that homo’s are born that way are re-tard-e-d…. with a capital,, shut up and shut up big fat loser baby, why don’t you kill me./

      Noreen @ 10:56AM |

      James as always i enjoy your writing are you sure you want to be an attorney? Remind me to tell you the story of Brian Deneke if you don’t know it. I f La ramie made you cry well-have Kleenex. See you at the next Peace Vigil ! This Old Hippie and proud of it -peace

    Here’s another kind comment

      Namaste @ 11:05AM | March 3rd 2003| permalink

      we need more young men like James to stand up and speak out from their heart and conscience.The world would be a better place if we had fewer sheep and more border collies to turn a phrase.

    To those of the comments who saw things differently than I did, all I can really tell you is thanks for reading and thinking. That’s the most important thing. One thing I would also remind you of is that most thoughts on homosexuality were expresssions of my own personal doubts. As I said earlier, my head and my heart conflict on this one, and I really just don’t know what to think. I know this, I find it hard to throw stones at other people when I have such a hard time doing the right thing myself.

    To Noreen and Namaste, thanks for your kind words. 🙂

    To the person who calls him/herself “seriously dumb,” if you’re going to attack what I said at least try to explain your objection to my views. Darren and Charles both gave reasons for their objections, you should be capable of doing the same.