• Cherokee/English Online Dictionary – a very, very useful tool. (wish there weren’t so many ads on the site though)

    BTW, using the dictionary I found out that Peace is Tsalagi (Cherokee) is “nv-wa-do-hi-ya-dv.” Tsalagi is such a pretty language. I’m so looking forward to summer so I can start studying it again. (yet another thing that Law school robs from my life… I really am hating law school right now if you haven’t guessed. It is such a mind-numbing and spirit-robbing endeavor.)

  • UT Austin’s Moonlight Prowl – This brought back lots of fond memories of wandering the UT campus at night. It is such a pretty campus. My favorite place at night was to sit on the steps of the Tower looking south down University Avenue at the state capitol all lit up in all its glory.
  • It looks like Starflyer 59 will be in OKC on March 11th at the Green Door w/Hot Hot Heat.