Peace and War:

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      March 6, 2003

      IRAQ URGENT ACTION: Write and/or call you your Representatives.

      Christian Peacemaker Teams has been in Iraq since October, joining with Iraq Peace Team (IPT) to accompany threatened Iraqi civilians. The team has developed relationships with Iraqi families, hospitals, orphanages and churches. They have visited mosques and NGOs, and have travelled to Basrah and Mosul.

      The U.S. press has reported that in the first forty-eight hours of a potential escalation, it will launch 800 cruise missiles, 3000 smart bombs, 800 bombers, and will have six aircraft carriers with seventy jets a piece running multiple missions. The name of the potential attack is “Shock and Awe.”

      In the event of an escalation, CPT and IPT members will continue to accompany prayerfully Iraqi civilians at specific places, and document the on-going catastrophe of war. See below for a list of places CPT will accompany.

      The CPT team calls people of faith to do all they can to stop further bombing of Iraq, including writing and phoning their federal representatives, emphasizing the civilian places where CPT and IPT members will be present.

      Current CPTers in Iraq are

      Americans: Peggy Gish, Scott Kerr, Cliff Kindy and Betty Scholten

      Canadians: Lisa Martens and Stewart Vriesinga.

      Over the next several months CPT expects to be sending additional North American delegates to accompany the locations listed below.

      Where the CPTers and members of the Iraq Peace Team will be:

      1. Amarya Shelter

      2. Al Dar Hotel – St. Raphael’s Church and Hospital and Sisters of Charity Orphanage

      3. Al Fanar Hotel

      4. Basra

      5. CARE International

      6. University of Baghdad

      7. Syrian Catholic Church

      8. Al Taji Electrical facility or Al Wathab Water Treatment plant

      9. Boat on Tigris River or Shalt Al Arab


      Contact information on Members of Parliament is available at


      Congressional Switchboard: 202-224-3121; toll free: 800-839 5276. will give U.S. Citizens addresses fax numbers and other information they need when they enter their zip code.

      The White House

      1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

      Washington, DC 20500

      VOICE: 202-456-1414

      FAX: 202-456-2461

      Christian Peacemaker Teams is an initiative among Mennonite and Church of the Brethren congregations and Friends Meetings that supports violence reduction

      efforts around the world. Contact CPT, POB 6508, Chicago, IL 60680; Telephone: 773-277-0253 Fax: 773-277-0291.

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