Oklahoma Legislature:

  • NewsOK: Cockfighting, cap law bills win approval in Senate
  • NewsOK: Stipe resigns amid campaign fraud investigation
  • NewsOK: House approves bill calling for lottery vote
      . . . “It’s a fool’s game,” said Rep. Frank Davis, R-Guthrie. He compared lawmakers who switched their votes to the main character in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s novel “The Scarlet Letter,” who wore the letter “A” on her clothes to represent the word adulteress.

      “You will ever wear the letters ‘FS,’ and that stands for ‘For Sale,'” Davis said.

      Said Rep. Forrest Claunch, R-Midwest City, “You’re pimping for the lottery. You’re going to create as a state people with addictive behavior.” . . .

    Not normally a fan of our Republican legislators, but I gotta commend Davis and Claunch for their artful use of the English language in mocking those who sell out Oklahoma for dirty campaign money.