One more thing about the previous post

    One last thing… before you think that I’m mad because I got bad grades… I didn’t.

    My grades were good. Better than I deserved. To some extent that has actually made things worse, because I realize now that most of what we do in class has ALMOST NOTHING to do with what will be on the exams.

    To prepare for exams, it certainly helps to hear the residue of knowledge from class, but mostly what you need to do is get lots of outlines (both student-made and commercial) and splice them together with you class notes (which are only useful to let you know what topics the profs covered and which ones they left off). Then you make a big outline. After that, you take that outline and turn it into a 1-3 page short outline with the focus being on the rules and citations you need to remember. Finally, you take that short outline and memorize it. On test day you get your scratch paper out and dump that memorized outline on paper. Finally, you answer the questions.

    That is how I prepare for exams. I know other people do different things with success (doing practice exams, etc.) but almost nobody does what the profs told us to do at the beginning of the year… to write detailed briefs of the case and then to somehow glean magically what you need to know from that into this mystical outline that you write yourself, never deigning to look at those nasty prepared outlines. Finally, if you are really stumped about something, you get out a fat (but likely incomprehensible) treatise and spend hours in the library chewing the cud of those who’ve gone before.

    So, why do the profs tell you to do this? I don’t know because it doesn’t work and it is a big waste of time.

    OK, far too much ranting for one day. (I think this has been brewing for awhile). Life will be better, at least a little bit as today begins spring break. No studying at all until Wednesday. Hoping to go out of town, maybe to Galveston, maybe to a state park, maybe to jump off a bridge somewhere (just joking on the last part). See y’all in few days.