There’s not much to say. Last night Bush spoke and gave his ultimatum. I am so disappointed. Pathetically I think now, I had hoped somehow, someway he would change his mind. I guess that won’t happen.

    So, it looks like war will be here. If 48 hours was the deadline, then it’ll be 7 p.m. central time tomorrow, about 21 hours from now.

    I don’t know what to say. MSNBC says t hat this war will be called “Opperation Iraqi Freedom” but I think a better name would be Opperation Bull**** because that is what this. It might be about oil, it might be about paybacks to someone who tried to kill daddy, it might even be fear, but it sure isn’t about the freedom of the Iraqi and Kurdish peoples. (Watch the movie “Three Kings” if you don’t believe me on this. That movie shows very clearly how Bush the First let the Iraqi people be butchered by Saddam. That was had NOTHING to do with freedom for Iraq, and this war has NOTHING to do with freedom either.

    I still believe there is hope. Maybe a miracle will happen and either Saddam or Bush will change their mind. Maybe Jesus will come sooner that we all think and put an end to this war. Maybe if nothing else the folks who care for the cause of peace are awake, and will be a conscience for the world. They will be here today and will be here in teh days to come to cry out against the evil that is war, and to work to ensure that this will be the last war.

    In that light, here are stories and other information on recent and upcoming peace actions in Oklahoma. To me, these stories and announcements are the glimmers of hope in this dark night before war…

  • Oklahoma IMC/Tulsa World: War & Peace – a hopeful piece about the growing peace movement on the college campuses of Oklahoma
  • UnitedForPeace.org calls for all opposed to the war to take to the streets. (Links to local actions happening in every state of the union can be found here)
  • From OU Students Against War:
      The afternoon following a declaration of war or the start of bombing, OU Students Against war will be rallying on the north oval and Boyd

      street beginning at 11:30am. Should war start at 7:00pm, we will be there the next day, if at 7:00am, we’ll be there that morning. Although we are on spring break, I urge all of you to join us. Please keep in mind, though, that this is a difficult time for many Americans, and when you present yourselves at the demonstration, do so in a way

      that is respectful.

      Please continue to check out our webpage, http://ousaw.org, for further updates. I will post an alert the day we do gather on the oval as well as send out a reminder email. Also, if you are not in Norman, please check out the page for other day-of events happening in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.


      -Phil, OU Students Against War

  • According to the OK IMC Newswire other peace protests in Oklahoma for the first day of war include:

      Candlelight Vigil

      Episcopal Center

      NW 9th and Robinson

      6:00 PM


      Streetside Protest

      Corner of 41st and Yale

      5:30 PM – 7:00 PM

      Candlelight Vigil

      Fellowship Congregational Church

      2900 S. Harvard

      7:30 PM