Mostly I’ve been writing on the POLIBlog lately due to the recent events in this crazy world, but I did want to say a few things of a more personal nature here.

    One of the things I’ve learned these last few days is not to pre-judge people. Last night (Wednesday) I did not want to go to church. I don’t always go to the midweek service (due to work and school conflicts) but this week I didn’t want to go because I was afraid of the remarks people might make about the war. Most folks there I thought were pro-war and a few I feared would be gung-ho about it. (this is a small town you know) I was very concerned if someone made a “kick *** USA” remark that I would not respond back in a kind way.

    Anyway, for whatever reason I changed my mind at the last minute and went and was glad that I did.

    While most of them are for the war they did not think it was a “good” thing, but rather the lesser of two evils. (I disagree with those who feel that way, but respect that point of view, as I know it is one that is not rash or hateful, but rather one that is thoughtful.)

    In the prayers that night, there were of course the prayers for the soldiers (which I would wholeheartedly support… it’s not the soldiers fault for this war. I respect the soldiers. It’s their commander in chief and the top brass that I do not respect.) but there were also heartfelt prayers for the civilian population of Iraq, and lots of prayers for a quick restoration of peace.

    I think now that I misjudged my congregation. I misjudge people so often regretably but am glad I was wrong in this case.

  • Faith wise, I have been all over the map lately. I do think more and more that even if I can’t find the answers I’m looking for intellectually, than I need to trust my heart until my mind is satisfied. More and more, being a Christian seems to me to be about working for peace and justice, and I really do believe in my heart that this is where I should invest my life. There are still so many questions though. So many doubts. I wish things were so complicated right now. I wish I felt as close to God as I once did. I have such a hard time believing in Him these days when so darkness and hatred is encircling the earth.
  • Finally, law school… sheesh I don’t anymore and I don’t know if I care. The only thing I try to keep reminding myself of, is that I will be of much more service to the peace and jutice movements if I get that stupid law degree and that I know I will enjoy practicing law. Somehow, someway I gotta figure how to keep my sanity though when engaging in the misreable blightful life which is law school.