Trash Journalism strikes again!

  • I guess it shouldn’t surprise me, but FOXNews has shown off the insipid stupidity of some of the so-called American press. (Fox makes MSNBC, CNN, and the NY Times look good, which is sad since those guys have all been asleep at the switch lately.) Here are a few choice excerpts from Fox’s latest example of irressponsible journalism…
      All of these demonstrations, particularly the disruptive and violent ones, are drawing attention away from other homeland security efforts, some experts say.

      “I think it’s almost certainly the case that people are being distracted by these activities,” Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy, told “To the extent that some of these people may actually try — as they have threatened to do — to be disruptive, that could actually cause an actual problem.

      “More than just minding them, we’ve got to try to prevent them from doing harm. At [a] time of war, that can translate into aiding and abetting the enemy — that crosses a potentially important line.”

    Aiding and abetting the enemy? I guess FOXNews wants us Americans to turn off our brains and be complicit in this war. No way!

    I think FOX is doing a major disservice to all American by making statements like this. Civil disobedience has a long and established history in this country, and was instrumental in the movements to ensure the human rights of all Americans. While I might differ with some of the tactics used today by some protestors, I do not think they should be labeled “as aiding and abetting the enemy” and they should not suffer any legal consequences, other than for the specific acts they might commit (trespass, unlawful parade, etc.)

    This felony conspiracy business that is being threatened in San Fran is B.S. This is supposed to be America, not the China or the old Soviet Union.