Continued protests

  • The San Fran IMC reports that protests are continuing in the streets over the weekend.
  • has a story on the San Fran area protests. It is generally tilted against the protestors, but I would say it brings up some good points. I think the protestors would be better off focusing on those directly involved with the war (government contractors, military recruiters, and government offices) and not try to do stupid things like shut down the Golden Gate bridge at rush hour. I can see the value of doing that once as an attention-getting (wake up and think) measure, but otherwise think it is counter-productive to offend the very people one would hope to offend. Also lots of working folks can’t afford to miss or even be late for work. I have no problem with sticking it to those in power who are behind this war (in non violent ways) but don’t hurt the little guy.
  • Reports from the NYC peace protests today (from the NYC IMC) report that either 200,000 (AP’s count) or 300,000-400,000 (Police count). Riot police have been pepper spraying protestors at Washington Square Park. Here is one report from the website:
      M22 2:44pm The front of the march has been at Washington square for a while. The end of the march is still only at 35th street. There is a giant police van at the park which is broad casting a message that says “The march is now over. Please leave the area so others may enter.” Protesters have responded by chanting “The war is now over. Please leave Iraq so people may live!” Riot police have just arrived at Washington Sq.

    What is amazing about this protest is that the NYC IMC has been broadcasting text messages to cell phones (those who subscribed via NYC IMC) so that protestors know what is going on throughout the day, but I’ve been getting the text messages here in Newcastle, OK. Woohoo! It’s great to see the people use the corporate media/technology for peace!