The Cost of War

  • Photographs of American dead and P.O.W.s (WARNING: These pictures are extremely disturbing. — This link is provided to remind us of the true cost of war and is NOT intended to any way cheapen the values of these men’s lives. They died (or are held captive) because they were doing what they believed in. They deserve the highest measure of respect and honor for their commitment. It is not the soldier’s fault for the horrors of this war. I respect the soldiers 100%.

    But, at the same time I do mean disrespect to those who sent them there. I don’t think the administration took this risk seriously enough (especially since Bush thinks right is an A-OK time for him to vacation at Camp David.). I think the administration and the top military brass bear part of the blame for their deaths/captures.

    I shudder to think that the coalition forces haven’t even reach Baghdad.