The Coalition of the “Willing” (or more likely the bribed)

  • Here is the list (posted on recently, and was supposed to be derived from an American Forces Press Service report – list current as of March 19th) of the 30 countries that asked to be publicly identified. (Supposedly there are now more but the others supposedly want to be anonymous.)

    Here is my breakdown of this list…

    American Puppet states: Afghanistan
    Eastern Europe: Albania, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia
    Central Asia: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Uzbekistan
    East Asia & Oceania: Australia, Japan, Korea, Philippines
    Latin America: Columbia, El Salvador, Nicaragua
    Western Europe: Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom
    North Africa: Eriterea, Ethiopia

    Here are some interesting phenomenea in this scenario…

    1. Only 3 countries in Latin America support this war. Each of those countries have substantial histories of prior American meddling (and sometimes outright forced changes of governments.) Currently Columbia in particular is the recepient of massive amounts of military aid, and will likely be the location of America’s next war.

    2. Substantial support for the war is found in Eastern Europe and in former soviet republics in central Asia, most likely due to an aversion to supporting Russian policy and also out of a desire for future American aid.

    3. There is NO support for the war in Subsaharan Africa, and in fact the only African support is from two warring countries (Ethiopia and Eriterea) who are likely vying for American support of their side in thir war.

    4. There are no majority Islamic nations that are giving public support to this war. (but certainly Kuwait and Qatar are obvious supporters.)

    5. Generally there is little support for this war from the Southern Hemisphere (only Australia, Columbia, Eritera, and Ethiopia).

    6. There is no support for this war in the world’s two most populous countries: China and India.

    7. Western European support is spotty at best. The only country actually willing to back up their war position with troops is the UK.