Don’t believe the lies — “Smart” Bombs aren’t so smart

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      The B-2 bomber carries sixteen 2’000 lb. JDAM bombs. If all goes 100% as planned (the bomb does not fall outside of its specified margin of error of 13 meters, and the GPS guidance system is not foiled by a $50 radio jammer kit, easily purchased), then here is what one such bomb does:

      * everyone within a 120 meter radius is killed;

      * to be safe from serious shrapnel damage, a person must be at least 365 meters away;

      * to be really safe from all effects of fragmentation, a person must be 1000 meters away, according to Admiral Stufflebeem.

      The B-2s will be used upon targets within Baghdad. -Prof Marc W. Herold, IBC Project Consultant

    For my American readers, remember a meter is a bit more than a yard… so, what this means is that everyone with a football field’s length from ground zero is killed, and to be safe from serious shrapnel damage you would have to be almost a quarter mile away!

    If they are dropping these kinds of bombs in Baghdad, then I think the civilian casualty counts thus far reported are far less than the truth.

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