The Cost of War

  • NY Times: Pictures of the aftermath on yesterday’s cruise missle strike on working class Baghdad neighborhood. May God forgive us all!
  • NY Times: Casualties at Home — By Bob Herbert

    (Bold typeface emphasis was added by me in the quote below…

      . . . With attention thus deflected, the administration and its allies in Congress have come up with one proposal after another to weaken programs that were designed to help struggling Americans.

      In his budget last month the president offered a plan to make it more difficult for low-income families to obtain government benefits, including tax credits and school lunch assistance. This month, as The Times’ Robert Pear reported, the administration proposed changes in the Medicare program that would make it more difficult for elderly people, many of them frail, to appeal the denial of benefits like home health care and skilled nursing care.

      The extent to which the most vulnerable Americans are being targeted is appalling. Billions of dollars in cuts have been proposed for food stamp and child nutrition programs, and for health care for the poor.

      Collectively, these are the largest proposed cuts in history. Even cuts for veterans’ programs are on the table — in the midst of a war!

      The administration is actually fighting two wars — one against Iraq and another against the very idea of a humane and responsive government here at home.

      At some point, hopefully sooner rather than later, the war against Iraq will end. Americans will then have the opportunity to look around and be stunned by the fix we’ll be in. We’ll look at the enormous costs of the postwar occupation in Iraq, and at the social and economic dislocation that’s occurring here. And we’ll look at the disaster that the federal budget has become. We’ll be broke, and we’ll ask ourselves, again and again, “What have we done

    I say call Congress and ask them if they really support the troops or not. I’m sick and tired of the way we lie to those who serve our country. I’ve had too many friends who are veterans who have been screwed by Uncle Sam. This war is bad enough, but to CUT VETERAN’S BENEFITS during the war is crazy whack!