Website News

    Two things have come up recently that I have pursuaded me to make changes to how this site is run…

    The first thing is that I am becoming more involved with the Oklahoma Independent Media Center ( Much of what I have been posting at the JMBzine poliblog really fits better over there, especially on local and peace issues.

    The second thing is my life is furiously crazy busy at the present moment… law school finals are fast approaching (in about a month), sermons still gotta be preached every sunday, and there is so much to be done with the Peace movement here in Oklahoma.

    So in light of all of this, I’m going to stop posting new stuff to the POLIblog starting today through the end of finals (and possibly for good). Some of the stuff that I would normally post to the POLIblog will go on OKIMC though, so check there especially on the Newswire and Other Press sections.

    I will keep the MAINBlog running though, but it’ll talk focus all of the stuff that is too personal to put on OKIMC or just is about random stuff in life.

    Finally the last thing is that I have decided I’m going to start working on some longer length essays on social justice concepts. Probably will wait until the summer for those, but once they’re done I’ll post them over at JMBzine Nonblog content index.