Prayer request

    I found out today that Kathy Kelly (one of my personal heroes) is still in Baghdad with the Iraq Peace Team. I thought she might have left as I heard that many of the IPT folks and all of the Christian Peacemaker Teams had left Baghdad this week. (This decision was made primarily because of the scarcity of food available to them, so that instead of about 30 people combined between IPT/CPT, there would be 12.)

    Please pray for her and the others who have chose to remain (list of all IPT delegates, including those who remain and those who have can be found here).

    I know not all of my readers agree on war or even agree that what these people are doing is a good thing… but, I do know that they are following their consciences to the best of their ability and are trying to be obedient to the call that God has placed on their lives. Please pray for their safety and for the civilian families who they are staying with. Kathy is such a sweet person. I so admire her for staying but also fear that for her life.