In Austin

    My old friend Peter Nevland is performing at the Austin Slam-Off semifinals this Wednesday night, 8PM at Ego’s. Peter says it will packed, so get there early.

    Also for those of you who haven’t heard Peter before, Here’s my review of his album Late Bloomer that ran in the last edition of OCU Law School newspaper The Verdict:

      Peter Nevland

      Late Bloomer

      Peter Nevland was a mighty fine slam poet in the Austin slam scene.

      Some said he was downright musical in his maddening rhythmic rhyme schemes. This assessment turned out be prophetic since Peter recently emigrated from Poetryland to somewhere else altogether.

      Where that place is, I don’t know, but it is one funky place.

      Peter’s latest project, Late Bloomer features Peter’s dramatic slam poetry set to the the funkified cool groove beat of The Neverland band (consisting of keyboardist Dave Nevland, bassist Jason Peavey, drummer Eric Allen, and guitarist Paul Finley.). The result is a collision that I’ll call Slam Jazz.

      My favorite tracks on the album are “Rashi and Me” (the compelling tale of Peter’s encounter with a now-former gangster on the bad side of town), “Ant Dance” (a chilled out smooth jazz number about . . . getting ants in your pants), “For starters” (a song that makes me want to jump up dance) and “Rhuhamah” (the story of a whore and the one who loves her).

      Peter will be performing March 15th at The Backroom in Edmond. Check out for more info.