Here’s some of what I’ve been listening too lately…

  • I recently stumbled into The Golden Eggs, a very fun Norman, OK band. They have a 50’s rock sound mixed with a bit punk, a bit of surf, and the lo-fi goodness of home recording. Here are few of their mp3’s. I really dig them:

    BTW, The Golden Eggs are playing this weekend in Norman, on Friday, April 11th at the Opolis, 113 Crawford, one block west of Porter between Main and Gray. The opening band will be an accoustic set of provided by Mark Llewellen (a fellow Okie Greenster and super-nice guy) and Eric Sarmiento.

  • Been listening to a lot The Magnetic Fields lately, especially their 69 Love Songs album (or I should say, 3-Disk box set — I mean there are 69 songs on it!). I am still amazed that that guy could come up with so many catchy, likable songs about love — of course, much of it is the dark side of love though. Not very much sap.

    The fact that I’m listening so much to that album probably says something about my emotional/romantic state of late, but I’ll plead the Fifth on that. I avoid all talk of romance on this blog.