Planting Day

    After class this morning I drove back out to Newcastle to plant the stuff I bought yesterday in Tulsa.

    The day went very well. The weather was very nice and sunny, a bit warm but that was ok because it was a welcome change from what it was like earlier in the week.

    Here I am with the plants I got yesterday (before I started planting)

    Here’s my little brother David helping out.

    This picture shows the extension of my tater bed. (haven’t planted that bed yet). The dirt I dug out there was used in my elevated herb/flower garden (shown in the next pic)

    This bed has two kinds of basil (spicy and Thai), Kentucky Colonel Mint, Strawberries, Celosia, Begonias, and I think a snap dragon or two.

    This was supposed to be my herb garden but ended up being a tomato, bell pepper and flower bed (snap dragons, marigolds, and one solitary begonia) instead. 🙂

    This shot shows (starting in the bottom right corner and going counter-clockwise) potatoes planted under hay, onions, spinach, heirloom tomatoes and peppers with some snap dragons mixed in for fun, iris, lettuce and wildflowers. (the plant in the pot is I think some mint, but not sure)

    This last shot is a fun one and shows the garden when looking through the arbor gate on the southwest corner.