• KONONO N°1 (be sure and check out their music video) – Here’s what their website says about them…
      This band is one of the main exponents of a spectacular style of music which has developed in the suburbs of Kinshasa (DR Congo). The Congolese call it “tradi-modern”, in other words : electrified traditional music.

      These are musicians who left the bush to settle in the capital and who, in order to go on keep fulfilling their social role and make themselves heard by the ancestors (and, more concretely, by their fellow citizens) despite the high level of urban noise, have had to resort to DIY amplification of their instruments, and to megaphones (conical speakers). This makeshift electrification has provoked a radical mutation of their sound, as it has introduced distorsions which they have integrated to their style.

    I really dig this. I love to see innovation through ethnic styles. This is how I believe the music of other cultures wil survive and thrive, notwithstanding the onslaught of the worst of Western music that is dumped on the world by corporate America. African Thumb Piano – This is too fun. Try it out!