Law School Update

    Things are moving fast now with finals rapidly approaching. At this point I have every hour between now and my last final on a schedule and trying to get everything done.

    Here’s when my final exams will take place…

    Ap 29 Civil Procedure II

    May 1 Contracts II

    May 5 Criminal Law

    May 8 Property

    It is very scary to know that my first exam is only 12 days away. So, so much to be done.

    The good thing though is that we won’t have any classes after Wednesday of next week. Studying for exams is difficult, but at least that is self-directed and I don’t have to listen (or respond) to mean professors who enjoy looking down their noses at us (not all of my profs are like that… actually only one is. The others are cool, it’s just that one mean prof who makes me hate life.).

    At this point, I guess the main thing is to just keep my eye on the finish line. L-school might be bad but I think the practice of law will not be bad. — BTW, this is a tangent but I am thinking lately about doing imigration law as a specialty (along with consumer bankruptcy and criminal defense). I had never thought much about imigration law until I met a local attorney (and fellow peace activist) who primarily does imigration law. His practice sounds so interesting and he is able to do so much for the causes of justice and liberty in what he does. Visiting with him gives me so much hope.