. . . is craziness lately. L-school (that awful enterprise in which I am presently but regretably engaged) finals are at hand. My first one is Civ Pro II on Tuesday, followed by Contracts II on Thursday.

    Then the following week on Monday I have Criminal Law and Wednesday I have Property.

    I had been pretty chilled out about it until tonight but now I am freaking out bad. I keep thinking… I’m going to flunk out. (DEEP BREATH — SLooowwwlyly) Then I tell myself no I won’t, but then the paranoid inner voice says, “YES YOU WILL FLUNK FLUNK FLUNK! —- then I hear a quieter but meaner voice say “and it’s all your fault you lazy *******.”

    Maybe my fears are right… maybe not. Time will tell, and at this point all I can do is get my outlines done and then go in there and put it on paper. Even if all I have to say is B.S., at least maybe it can be eloquent B.S.

    Well on to happier thoughts… I did start Atkins on Sunday and thus far (in only 5 days) I’ve lost 8 pounds! I’m very, very, very pleased with that and am begining to think I might be able stick with this now that my crazy carb cravings have died down. What is most cool though is how I feel. I have more energy than I’ve had in years… actually the best I’ve felt since I was a pedi-cab driver in Austin.

    Anyway, I highly recommend trying it. If you’re interested check out