• An Oklahoma icon has died… Edward L. Gaylord, longtime editor and publisher of the Daily Oklahoman has passed on.

    While I question his contribution to journalism (his newspaper is one of the worst in the nation), I do have to commend him for his incredible contributions to higher education in this state. Here is one excerpt from his obit that was extraordinary:

      In April 2000, the University of Oklahoma announced that Gaylord and his family had donated $22 million to enable the university to build a “world class college of journalism and mass communications.”

      Three months later, Gaylord agreed to give $2 million a year for 20 years to Oklahoma Christian University, a private university affiliated with Churches of Christ.

      More recently, Gaylord donated $12 million to OU on behalf of his family so the university could complete a $75 million expansion and restoration of its football stadium, the largest gift in OU athletics history.

      Gaylord made other gifts to those two universities, as well as Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma City University, Phillips University in Enid, Tulsa University and Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee.

    I know for Oklahoma Christian in particular, he may very well have saved that school. These are hard times for private colleges, and I know that $2 million a year has been a tremendous blessing to that school.

    Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is that things like this show a person that you never know a person’s complete story. Even one who you might see as an “enemy” or opponent, often still does good things, even extraordinary things. I can almost forgive his rabid right-wing front page editorials after reading this stuff.