• Austin IMC has quite a bit of coverage of Saturday’s peace & freedom convergence at the state capitol. (Excellent pictures) — No coverage from the Austin A-S though, which is surprising. They had been doing a decent job of covering anti-war stuff until now.
  • More from Austin IMC on the attempted peace protest in Crawford, TX and the UNCONSTITUTIONAL FASCIST arrests of Americans who were exercing their rights in a lawful fashion. Certainly they can require a permit if you’re marching in the street or blocking traffic but not if you’re on the sidewalk. It appears to me that the Mayor and Police Chief of Crawford are PUPPET THUGS of the administration, committed to keeping free speech from occuring. Well this is still America, and we (theoretically at least) still have rights. I hope those arrested not only fight their charges, but also sue the pants off of the Mayor, Police Chief, and the city government of Crawford.
  • Statesman.com: Old Man of the Mountain falls — New Hampshire saddened by collapse of its rocky icon — This is so sad. (If you are unfamiliar with this mountain, look in your pocket at your change. The Old Man is on New Hampshire’s state quarter.