Visiting a Mennonite Church

  • This Sunday since I was not preaching at my own church (on vacation because of L-school finals), I visited Joy Mennonite Church in Oklahoma City. I have been wanting to visit them for some time, as I had met their pastor Moses Mast and his wife Sadie at past Oklahoma City peace vigils, and was always awed by their kind loving attitudes and their commitment to bring God’s peace to this world.

    The worship itself was very simple and casual (It reminded me of my own church, except even more laid back). Some of the members dressed in more traditional Mennonite-garb, others wore shorts and sandals. A good number of kids and older folks as well (not any single people my own age, but that seems to be pretty common in most smaller churches in Oklahoma) What I think digged the most though was the racial diversity. (Even their guest speaker that morning was Black.)

    I don’t think I’ll be leaving my own church (I feel a definite connection and love for those folks), but I also really dig those mennonites. I hope I can go and visit them again.

  • – an interesting website about Mennonite beliefs and practice