My First Year of Law School is now officially completed

    I completed my Property final about 45 minutes ago and am numb and awed that this experience is actually over. I don’t really believe it yet but I’m sure it will sink in soon. — I’ll be heading to the after-finals shindig this afternoon and then after that I just want to sit at home and do nothing.

    The last 12 hours or so have been rather intense. Last night I left the computer lab at 11:15 p.m. and drove to the Waffle House on I-40 at the MLK exit. I ordered some coffee and a double order of hash browns covered and chunked (Yeah I fell of the Atkins wagon. I hope to be back on it next week though.) and then made flash cards for everything in my mini-outline. I crammed on that until I think 2 or 3, bought an alarm clock at the truckstop next door (I was a bit nervous about oversleeping) and then slept in my car at the truckstop for until 7.

    I then woke up, drove back to OCU and took a shower at the gym, did my last minute cramming and took the final at 9.

    The final went better than expected (I’ll post a play by play of it later for those of you who are taking Schwartz next year). I know I screwed up 1 of the 6 sections royally but the other sections I feel good about so at least I know I didn’t flunk. (Heck, maybe I’ll get a C+ which for Schwartz is not bad at all.)

    So it is over. It feels a bit anti-climactic right now but boy am I glad to be done.

    P.S. – Thanks K and the rest of you who prayed for me on this one. I really do think it helped. I was more calm for this final than for any of the others amazingly.