What am I going to do this summer

    It’s finally hitting me today that I really am a 2L now and have an entire summer before me in all its glory. So… what will I do with it?

    Here’s the plan for now…

    Job: Starting Monday I’ll be working for my Dad’s law office in Newcastle as a legal assistant/secretary. I’ve worked for him off in on in the past (for about a year all together) and enjoyed it. In many ways he is the kind of lawyer I aspire to be (I’m biased of course), but the pace in the office can be brutal. I’m hoping though to preserve my sanity by only working Monday-Thursday about 30 hours a week. — I also will continue to preach (for as long as they’ll have me) about 3 times a month.

    Writing: In June my focus will be on doing my law review comment. I’m looking forward to that as I have an interesting imigration law case to do, but also dread the hours I’ll have to spend on it. After teh law review comment is done, then I’m hoping to at least make a dent on one of my life goals… to write a book.

    I doubt I’ll finish it this summer, but I’m seriously considering writing a book about the social justice teachings of Jesus. It would talk about issues like non-violence, concern for the poor, living simply, etc.

    Travel: So far I have several short trips planned. The biggie will be the Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, IL. It is a Christian festival that is a bit like Woodstock (sans drugs), lots of good music (plenty that sucks too… especially the Tooth&Nail clone bands, but the folk/accoustic/hippie jam band stuff is might fine listening), seminars from a Christian-leftist perspective, an independnet and foreign film festival, and of course lots of meeting old and new friends from all over the US and Canada.

    I had considered not going this year, but after a couple of opportunities fell in my lap I couldn’t say no. The first is that I’m going to be the reporter for The Vagrant Cafe. (I have gone in the past for EXITzine but Exit is no more.) I really dig Vagrant and the freedom they’re giving me to cover C-stone however I want to.

    I’m also going to be participating in a Q&A session about blogging at the festival’s Praire School of Writing. (They had a cancellation which is why I’m getting to do it.)

    My other planned trips are to visit my friend Kimberly down in Austin, and also to make some Oklahoma road trips with my friends Rachel and Brian.

    Other stuff: Lots of other stuff is in the works. I want to start painting again. I want to do some serious decoration/remodeling of my very humble abode. I have lots of things I want to do with the Green Party this summer. I want to lose some weight.I want to get serious about bike riding. I want to garden like a happy fool.