Eye-witness report of the Tornado touch-down in Newcastle

  • OK-IMC: What I saw today when the tornado first touched down

    The damage thus far has been devastating. Parts of OKC and Moore have been demolished. There have been reportedly so far 96 injuries but no fatalities.

    What is most shocking about this storm is that much of the storm’s track has been the same as that of the massive storm a few years back (the May 3rd storm, I forgot the year maybe in 1999?) except that it began further North this time so Bridge Creek was spared, and that the tornado’s strength was not as bad (F-2 or F-3 for this one, the big storm a few years back was an F-5).

  • I’ll report as soon as available about the relief efforts. If anyone is aware of anything in this regard, please email me at jmb(at)jmbzine.com or post a comment to let us know.