Back from convention

    I’m got back from Newcastle late last night from our Oklahoma Green party state convention.

    The convention itself went well. Lots of good time with some of the coolest people I’ve ever known in a beautiful setting (this weekend has made me decide one thing for certain… I’m moving to Eastern Oklahoma after I graduate — it is so beautiful and so unspoiled out there.) As ussual the business side of the gathering was pretty dry… at moments some tension in drafting our platform, but mostly it was the non-excitement of grammatical editing and rewording. — I feel ok but not great about our finished platform. It is far superior to the National GP’s platform (a horrible document IMHO) but is still more awkward and lengthy than I would have liked.

    Today, I’m back in the groove of ordinary life. The first day working at my dad’s law office went well. While it would still be way cooler to not work at all (hahaha, wishful thinking), I think the job will work out ok. My patience level has definitely improved since last summer and the pace of office work is much better than I would have expected.

    Overall life is good.