Pictures with my digital camera

    I went ahead and splurged today (but one that I’ve been planning for months) on a new digital camera. Amazingly it is a 2.1 megapixel and only cost $137! (I remember not long ago when a camera with that much resolution would have been $300 or more).

    So, here are my first pictures from the new camera… (click on the picture to view a larger version of it)

    These pictures were taken of a field behind all of the sprawl on the Noble Parkway in Norman (right behind the Borders bookstore). I call it my “Prayer Field” because I’ve had lots of good times of praying while walking around there. It is such a pretty oasis of tranquility and nature in the midst of the big-box stores and asphault parking lots. It probably doesn’t look like much to those passing by, but I think it is a treasure. There’s a little pond on one side of it, several old trees (which I bet were planted by early settlers), and lots and lots of native grasses and wildflowers. I counted tonight at least 6 different kinds of flowers, but the most showy display was by the bright red visual explosive power of the Indian Paintbrush (shown in the first picture). There’s also lots of animals, bugs, skunks (I only know of their presence by the sad sight of one dead that I saw tonight), and lots and lots of birds.

    I hope and pray they don’t kill the field. It would be crime if they did.

    Maybe they will keep it, but if they don’t the field will always be there in these pictures and as ghost on the landscape, waiting the day when mankind no longer destroys beauty so mindlessly.