The Matrix. . . Reloaded

    I finally saw it tonight and am still realing from the experience. It is so very unlike what I had expected. It one giant mind trip that I frankly will still not completely understand even after I watch it five more times. I’ll write a more cohesive review later, but for now I can’t It is still too fresh and I feel like mind is on fire, with sparks sizzling out of my ears and my eyes ablaze with scenes of kung fu fighting taking place on top of an 18-wheeler’s trailer that is going down a crowded freeway at 80 mph. This movie is better than drugs. It is philosophy, theology, the whole enchilada. It is beauty. It is horror. It is love. It is organic chemistry. It is electricity. It is man versus machine. It machine versus man. It is machine versus machine versus spirit versus man versus prophecy versus intellect versus hope versus every possible paradigm imaginable by man. It is like feeling the earth being shaken out from under you in a manner so horrific yet so amazing it is beyond my ability to convey. It is. . . (to be continued)

    One more thing… Morpheus. He is a prime example of a true man of faith. I totally dig him, even more so than Neo. Neo seems to almost stumble into his divinity, to be pretty clueless half the time. Morpheus though. . .. he is the real oracle. He is the real prophet.