Photos from May 27, 2003

These photos are better than my May 23 pictures (I figured out to use the high-res setting on my digital camera)

I think is a Brandywine tomato that is just barely starting to twinge from green to red and orange

Here my very cool and rare Texas Purplebonnet (see my pictures from May 23)

This and the next shot were both taken from the vantage point of what my herb/strawberry/flower bed would like if you were a mouse. (Look in the background of this shot for the deep purple color of the Sage that is blossoming)

(I got the little Peace flag for my garden from the Mennonites.)

Here’s a picture of a butterfly that is sitting on a grape leaf in the garden. (the grapevine has grown in that part of the yard along with a rosebush for probably 15-20 years. I think we planted them when my family first moved to Newcastle.)

Here’s my wildflower bed again. The only thing blooming right now are the bluebonnets but there all kind of other plants that will soon be blooming.