Photos from May 23, 2003

Looking through the gate

Here (and in the next shot) you can see the paths I’m making with some old shingles

Looking through the gate

I didn’t know that potatoes had such pretty flowers on the plant but they do.

Rose Moss, Potato, and Tomato plants all fending for their space in a more crowded part of the garden.

Lots and lots of Spinach greens

Heirloom tomatoes fast approaching maturity

Here’s my lettuce (My mom gave me the the little farmer pig who is working in the lettuce patch)

My herb, strawberry and flower bed

Here are some beautiful Texas Bluebonnets growing in my wildflower bed. Seeing them grow in my garden is sheer bliss. Click here to download a hi-res version of this picture

Here is a shot of one solitary Purplebonnet. My guess is that it must have been a cross between the Bluebonnets and the “Alamo Red” bluebonnets that Wildseed Farms used to sell (I got my bluebonnet seed from them) — I think the purplebonnet is kinda pretty really but I bet its genes will be diluted back to blue in the next generation.

And more bluebonnet pictures!