Personal peace

    This is random I know but I feel good about life right now. Partly is because I’ve had some very good conversations with my Mom and I feel like that she and I are learning to laugh again. I know know why we argued so much. It was stupid and was really about nothing.

    Everything else is good too. I feel more at peace about preaching (not to say that I don’t have serious moments of doubt, but right now I do feel good about what I’m doing) and I also feel inspired to make solid changes in my life — to live a neater more orderly life (I have been very neglectful in housekeeping this last year) and to get rid of much of the junk that is weighting me down, and also to get back in shape. I started back on Atkins today and I hope to start biking this week too.

    I know this, if I want my life to be better I have to take positve actions. It’s time.

    On another note, the book is progressing well. I’m now on the third draft of the first four chapters or so but will also probably start hammering out the first draft of the next few chapters now as well. It is satisfying work and I think I would like to keep doing this, maybe as career or at least as a joyful diversion — which brings me to another topic, law.

    I’m having serious doubts as to whether I want to be a lawyer or not. I just don’t know if I believe in the system in anymore, especially the criminal law. It is so incredibly unjust that I don’t know how comfortable I would feel in being an “officer of the court.” Then again, as the old saying goes maybe the best place to throw rocks at the system is from the inside? (I would appreciate y’all’s comments on this question.)