Life goes on but sometimes it really sucks

    The last couple of days have been semi-eventful. Yesterday I drove up to Enid (100 miles North of OKC) for a Microsoft training conference (mostly to get a free(!) copy of Windows Server 2003 — normally $1100 retail for the office). The conference itself wasn’t bad either, very useful training which I would highly recommend for anyone who is thinking of going with a Windows server system.


    Anyway when it was time to drive back my car wouldn’t start. The battery had plenty of juice but no gas was getting to the engine.

    So, I had it towed to a local mechanic shop (A&C Garage. They checked it out and said that the fuel pump was bad and it would be $744! That seemed mighty jacked up to me so I paid them $25 for the labor to check it out and had it towed by AAA to my local repair shop here in Newcastle. Guess what… that fuel pump is far cheaper (still mighty expensive though) and total cost with install will be $550-650. (hmm… makes me think A&C was playing “let’s rip off the tourist”)

    Anyway though, this is where things get sucky… I’m beginning to think that I will have to cancel my Cornerstone trip. With this extra car repair expense, I’m finding it harder and harder to justify the cost of C-stone (my guess is that the combined cost for the trip including travel expenses both en-route and at C-stone & what I’ll lose from not working that week would be $750-1000).

    I guess it was inevitable that I would miss a year of C-stone someday but it is still sad. It has been such a good part of my life these last 4 years, and I was super-looking forward to this year since it was the 20th anniversary of the festival and it would be Five Iron Frenzy’s last time to play there.

    Sad times indeed but that’s the way it goes sometimes. The good news is though that FIF will be coming through this part of the country (dates in Dallas, OKC and Tulsa) in October so maybe I can go to some of those shows (what would super-cool is if my friend K would come up for the Dallas show), but missing Miranda Stone and Madison Greene (sigh) woe is me.

    But you know life is still good even when it sucks. Last night when riding in the tow truck from Enid to Newcastle I saw such incredible beauty. The wheat fields were all ripe with expectancy, golden (the fields yet to be cut) and coppery (the color after the field is cut), stretching out to the horizon with the sun shining through the clouds and the dark blueness of the stormy sky setting it all off — it is amazing even just two hours away how much the landscape is different. Northern Oklahoma is almost like Kansas, the topography is more gentle (while it is praire in the southwest as well, it is more stark in the south, with more hills).

    In a way, I do think a change is happening inside of me. I finding more peace than I’ve known in awhile and some good changes are happening. I wasn’t sure until now if the changes were real but the fact that I can live with missing C-stone tells me that the changes are real. (a month ago not going to C-stone would have made me semi-suicidal)

    OK, enough confession for now. Back to work…

    P.S. I’m still planning my Oklahoma road trip (a week of camping with a couple of friends later in the summer) though. That will be much cheaper than C-stone and should be a blast.