• NY Times/AP: 12 Are Released From Jail in Appeal of Texas Drug Busts (Also from the NY Times: Click here to view a picture of Joe Moore being released from the prison he was held in unjustly)

    I have avoided political diatribes on JMBzine.com lately (you can still read them from time to time at OKIMC.org or at the OKGreens Discussion group though) but this story is too important and long over-due not to comment on.

    The Tulia cases was an onorous example of modern-day state sponsored racial persecution that was ignored for too long. I am extremely pleased to see the Texas legislature and Governor Perry of Texas do the right thing for once in this case.

    However, while I’m glad to see that Lady Justice has finally woken up, I still believe that the four years these men and women spent in PRISON for crimes they did NOT commit is an outrage.

    I hold responsible those who directly contributed to this injustice: the lying deputy sheriff who perjured himself countless times, the law enforcement agencies who believed his lies, the DA’s who refused to investigate the credibilities of the lies, the spineless judges who refused to the right thing and throw these cases out for lack of evidence learly on, the juries who must have been packed with racists to rule in such an unjust manner, and especially those who could have acted to right this wrong but didn’t: George W. Bush (then Governor of Texas) and most of the members of the Texas state legislature.

    As far as I’m concerned, while I celebrate today’s actions, I also say that this isn’t good enough. These folks need their day in court, not only to vindicate their names, but also to see that those responsible for institutional racism be punished. Those responisble should be relieved of their offices of trust and those who committed the most egregious of crimes should be punished by both civil and criminal sanctions.

    The cases of those persecuted in Tulia was nothing more than a resurrection of the 19th century world of racism, slavery and oppression. It’s high time that the Black residents of Tulia be secured their constitutional and God-given human rights.