Blog Template Change

    Well as you can see I’m procrastinating again from writing my law review comment (bleh…) so I decided to change the templates on (thanks to Maystar Designs and Blogskins for the template that I started from). The old content (political blog, nonblog content, etc.) can still be found in the archives, but otherwise I’ve consolidated JMBzine into one central blog.

    BTW, the picture at the top (which I plan to rotate periodically) is of the “Tornado Intercept Vehicle” (more info on this vehicle can be found on I took the picture when driving down Main Street in Norman after a storm just passed.

    From what I heard on the news, these guys are planning to drive this vehicle directly into the path of a weak tornado (F-0 or F-1) and then film from the ground directly into the eye of the storm. Kinda nuts if you ask me (the TV weatherman says that tornadoes can change fast and if it gets stronger their armor will do little good), but it is not something you see everyday.