L-School Grades

    I’ve checked the OCU Law school website dozens of times over the last week or so hoping that maybe the grades were posted. None were until today. Now all but one of mine are up.

    Here’s the tally thus far:

  • Civ Pro – Very happy about this one… this one is the highest thus far and is two points higher than it was last semester.
  • Property – Not a good grade but one that is respectable and that I’m proud of considering the fact that my teacher did not make much sense of property for me (I didn’t “get” property until a few days before the final.)
  • Criminal Law – about what I expected. On the low end of average for the class.

    That leaves me with Contracts (for those of you who are wondering I dropped LR&W awhile back)… so far my GPA as it stands now is a little lower than last semester, but I’m holding out hope for Contracts. It was my best grade last semester and if I get the same grade I’ll be just a hair from my GPA from last semester. — I really feel like someone playing Roulette now, hoping that the Dealer (in this case Professor Contracts) will give me the grade I need.

    OK… enough blabbing. I gotta go check the grades website again.