Contracts grade

    The last grade is in. My Contracts grade was lower than I expected. Still respectable but not what I should have received. — What is insane though is that I got the same grade in Contracts that I made in Property (!). I know Contracts law far better than Property law. I was lost all semester in Property — heck, I quit paying attention in there around week 2 it was so incomprehensible.

    This proves once again how worthless law school grades are.

    But that’s not true either. My grades while good in my eyes probably won’t be good enough to get me into OU next year. Maybe I’m wrong about this (i.e. my classmates also went down some in GPA, or less folks apply to transfer than was expected) but I don’t feel too hopeful.

    Well at least it is resolved. I do like OCU (Okla. City Univ) a lot. It’s a good program (probably better than OU for the practice areas I intend to go into) and I have lots of god friends here, but it is just too jacked-up expensive. It is not worth $730 an hour, and you can guarantee that their continual tuition increases will guarantee that future classes at OCU law will be mostly rich white people, the last thing we need more of in the legal profession.