Freaking out bad

  • OK, Mr. Contracts Professor. Even if you are one of my favorites (strangely though I’m one of the few in my section who would say this… not sure why folks don’t like him. I know some of my classmates can’t stand him because he’s a liberal, but heck this is law school. What did you expect? So far, I’ve been disappointed by the lack of political diversity in this joint.), you’re starting to push me right over the edge. Why, oh why have you not posted your stupid grades yet?!

    What is pathetic is even though I know all of the folks who work in student services went home for the night about 4 hours ago I keep checking my online report card every hour, just in case my Contracts grade magically will appear.

    Argghhh! Madness I say madness.

    What is really goofy though is the way we all get so worked about these grades when we know the reality is that these meaning-laden letters with little +’s and -‘s attached to them really mean NOTHING. I really do believe that the grades show two things: (1) whether you had a little bit of understanding in the subject (but no real grasp… no way to convey a subject’s material in 3 hours) and (2) whether you can explain thing in a way the Professor can track with or not.

    Lots of bright intelligent hardworking people will bomb their exams because they can’t get into their professor’s heads well enough to guess how they want the material to be explained to them in esay format. On the other plenty of other lazy bums (like myself) will not be that prepared, yet will do better than the smart hard workers because we were better at playing the game and thinking like the professor wants us to.

    While I am glad that I can play the game pretty well, I know the truth. These tests mean little. Those who work harder than me will make better lawyers, plain and simple. It is unfortunate that the exams do not reflect the actual reality.

    But, despite this lack of signifiance these grades are held over our heads so much by the powers that be (since the grades decide if you can do law review or not, whether you get to interview for the hotshot soul-robbing big law firms or not, whether you can transfer to an affordable school or not), that we the students begin to believe their over-inflated importance.

    Oh well, despite this little speech I’m still going crazy. I feel better once I know what I made in Contracts. If it’s good then I’m probably going to be at OU next year, if it’s bad then I’ll probably won’t get into OU and will stay at OCU. At this point, I don’t care that much which it is, I just wish it was settled one way or another

  • Since I’m too braindead now to think coherently to B.S. this law review comment, here’s something humerous I read on a 15 year old’s blog:
      If you could design your perfect mate what would he/she look like and be like?

      ALRIGHTY. They would be smart, but no so smart that they make me feel like a moron. They would be HILARIOUS, but know when to stop. They would be nice, but not so nice that he volunteers at an animal shelter instead of coming over for my booty call. He would me musically talented. He would be good with kids. He wouldn’t kick dogs. He would be able to deal with my parents. He would have webspace for me. He would like the same music that I like, and introduce me to more bands. He would get along with my friends, but not try to hook up with them. HE WOULD HAVE THE BIGGEST KITCHEN I HAVE EVER SEEN. He would tell me everything about himself, yet still be mysterious, yet not so myterious I have to keep asking him where he’s going and wondering if he’s cheating on me. Loyalty would be a must. If he cheats on me, I WILL CASTRATE YOU.. I mean him. He’ll know when to give me space. He’ll be the sweet kind of guy who would go out and buy tampons for me. . .

  • If you want to really cook your noodle read The Matrix Essays (a blog)