More L-school junk

    Well after that last post I talked to my friend K some via icq and that helped. I’m still disappointed but I can’t let it shake me. I know I wrote a good exam. If the prof didn’t see it that way then phooey on him. Law profs might be smart folks but they’re still fallible and sometimes are dead wrong. So there.

    Anyway, tonight I’ve slugging away on the law review comment. I stayed at the library working on it until 11 p.m. when it closed, and then after that drove over to Perry’s (a 24/7 greasy spoon at SW 89th and May in OKC) which turned out to be a very good move. They let you smoke in there which is cool and the vibe is much more laid back than at Denny’s, IHOP, or Waffle House. (the food is cheaper too) So anyway I got about half of the “comment” written from 11- 3 a.m. while sitting in there. (I still say if they wanted a “comment” on a case, I could give ’em a good comment in a paragraph or two. “Comment” is most definitely the wrong word for anything that has to be at least 15 pages.)

    So from here, the plan is to crash for a few hours, then in the morning start back on the law review comment and maybe finish it in the late afternoon/early evening so I can turn it in, pack and then hit the road for beautiful Austin, Texas (woohoo!) for a few days of bliss, chilling with my friend K and getting to see all of my old friends from Hope Chapel and Hope in the City.