Back from the grand camping tour of Northeastern Oklahoma

    I arrived back in Newcastle this afternoon from my vacation. It was a good trip but a week of camping in July will wear you out. I am extremely tired.

    I’ll say more later, but in short the trip was nice. I love Oklahoma even more now than I did before. This is such a beautiful place. If anyone tells you otherwise, tell them to go camp at Lake Tenkiller at the Gooseneck bend campground. It was so incredibly beautiful, especially when floating in an innertube out in the cove.

    On another less happy note I got my rejection letter from OU School of Law for my transfer application. Poop on them I guess. I am disappointed by their decision from a dollars and cents angle but I do like OCU better so it was probably for the best. OU just doesn’t seem as friendly or as academically strong as OCU.

    I just wish it didn’t cost so much more to go to the best law school in the state. OCU is too jacked up expensive.