Here are my favorite pictures from my camping trip… (see the prior post)

    This is a very cool Art-Deco style church building in downtown Tulsa

    This shot was taken in downtown Pawhuska (in Osage County). The building in the center is the Triangle Building, built in 1915. It reminds me a lot of NYC’s famous Flatiron Building (constructed only 13 years before the Triangle Building).

    More info on the current efforts to save and restore this building can be found here. (scroll down on the page to find the Triangle building)

    We ate here at Sallie’s Cafe, in downtown Pawhuska. The owner (Sallie) told us she had owned the place for 50 years and worked there for 10 years before that. The food was mighty tasty.

    This is of the waterfall at Osage Hills State Park.

    Here’s Rachel wielding the critical spray bottle (our way of surviving the long drive without A/C)